2314 HALÁSZTELEK, Árpád utca 1. TEL: (36-24) 527-100 FAX: (36-24) 527-127


Cím: 2314 Halásztelek, Árpád utca 1.
Telephone:  Fax:
+36 24 527-100  +36 24 527-127
E-mail:  sales@molar.hu

Opening hours:
Office: 8:00 - 16:00
Warehouse: 7:00 - 15:00  (service between 7:30 - 14:30 )
Managing Director
Mr. Balázs Nagy
Deputy General Manager József Pál
E-mail: pal.jozsef@molar.hu
Head Of Sales
Noemi Falusi
E-mail: falusi.noemi@molar.hu

Melinda Mráz
E-mail: mraz.melinda@molar.hu
  Direct: (36-24) 527-116
  Mobile: (36-30) 4345-6128
  Mrs. Éva Varga
E-mail: varga.eva@molar.hu
  Direct: (36-24) 527-104
  Mobile: (36-30) 559-2480
  Vanda Bátyay
E-mail: batyay.vanda@molar.hu
  Direct: (36-24) 527-102
  Mobile: (36-30) 562-1211
  Mr. Norbert Varga
E-mail: varga.norber@molar.hu
  Direct: (36-24) 527-106
  Mobile: (36-30) 416-9470
  Mrs. Anikó Szabadszállási
E-mail: szabadszallasi.aniko@molar.hu
  Direct: (36-24) 527-107
  Mobile: (36-30) 633-0504
Head Of Warehouse
Mrs. Linda Pető
E-mail: peto.linda@molar.hu
  Direct: (36-24) 527-101
  Mobile: (36-30) 530 6250
assistant Mrs. Beatrix Nagy
E-mail: nagy.beatrix@molar.hu
  Direct: (36-24) 527-100
  Mobile: (36-30) 249 1956
Contact Warehouse at Szeged SZBK
6701 Szeged, Temesvári krt. 62. (Szegedi Biológiai Központ)
Head Of Warehouse
Mr. László Horváth
E-mail: horvath.laszlo@brc.mta.hu
  Phone: 62/ 599-756
Quality Assurance
Head Of Quality Assurance

Head Of Finance
Mrs. Katalin Piller
E-mail: piller.katalin@molar.hu
assistant Mrs. Éva Fekete
E-mail: fekete.eva@molar.hu
  Direct: (36-24) 527-119
  Mobile: (36-30) 475 4605
  Mrs. Dóra Mikolay E-mail: mikolay.dora@molar.hu
    Direct: (36-24) 527-118
Head Of Shipping
Mr. Lajos Varju
E-mail: varju.lajos@molar.hu
  Direct: (36-24) 527-101


Our company is situated on Csepel island at Halásztelek. We are at the corner of II. Rákóczi Ferenc and Árpád street netx to a roundabout. On the opposite side of the roundabout, you can find a Shell gas station.

GPS: Latitude 47°22'5.98"N   Longitude: 18°59'41.47"E


By car:

•    From the direction M0 motorway:
You have to leave M0 motorway at the Halásztelek exit and drive along to Szigethalom. Our site is situated about 2 km from the exit. Passing a transmission tower on the left side, you will soon arrive to a roundabout where you have to take the first exit. Right after you will find the gateway of our company on your right.

•    From the direction Szigethalom:
You have to take the direction of M0 motorway/Csepel. When you enter Halásztelek, drive across until you reach a rondabout. On the right side you can find a Shell gas station. You should take the 4th exit of the roundabout. Right after, you will find the gateway of our company on your right.



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