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The determining factor in our business policy with focus on partner is that we try to identify the suitable solution best satisfying their needs with joint thinking regarding our customers as partner.

With our professional knowledge and wide-range market understanding we wish to contribute to the high-level service of the needs arising in all fields of our activity. We search and continuously examine the opportunities and possibilities whereby the quality of our products and services can be further improved.

Selecting our supplies we attach a great importance to the co-operation with reliable and precise partners, so that the arising customer needs are satisfied in union with them, strengthening each other in synergy.

We have set the target that co-operating with our business partners balanced business relations can be mutually established adequately communicating the eventual difficulties.

Besides strictly observing the legal rules we are fully aware in the course of our operation that we have our responsibility toward the society. Beyond the social responsibility and ensuring the conditions to the legal operation we attach special attention to the issue of environment protection and safety.

The company management ensures the human-centred working environment necessary to the work performance. We plan the continuous training for the colleagues taking the individual motivations into consideration, so that ensuring the conditions necessary to the high-level work performance and that each colleague can be responsible for the quality of the work carried out by him.

Meeting the principles above we wish to promote to create such relations in the fields we are active which are free from the narrow minded and mediocre business thinking. We strive to establish long-term and fruitful relations with our business partners.

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