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Molar Chemicals Ltd. was founded in December 1993 by native private persons. Establishing the company the target was set to create an enterprise offering reliable and quality services, and operating on high profession level on the domestic market of chemicals experiencing that time fast changes. The company's turnover and number of employees has dynamically grown and having gradually expanded the sphere of activities significant success was achieved also in the segment of lab chemicals and special industrial chemicals.

Company occupied the present premises and next to the existing storage the state-of-art packaging plant, lab, offices and the connected infrastructure were established. The company in co-operation with qualified and reliable supply partners satisfied the customer need arisen at competitive prices and on high level and the main target were successfully accomplished. Through continuous investments the production of chemicals in small volume gradually became possible on its own premises.


GMP Good Manufacturing Practice

The rules worked out by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) - which was taken over by the European Union and Hungary as well - rules the production and packaging of the pharmaceutical products and raw materials for pharmaceuticals. Activities can be carried out only safe area with filtered air and under continuously documented conditions. The quality stipulations strictly regulate the measures in order to avoid infection, exchange of materials, and defective treatment. The companies have to provide for the further training of their employees, for the continuous maintenance of the production and packaging conditions. More information: http://www.ogyi.hu/

It started to operate the quality system on basis of the ISO standards, which was continuously maintained and updated. The operation runs today on basis of ISO 9001:2000 certificate. The company's activities were further expanded with a special group of chemicals, the raw materials for pharmacopoeia, which step brought with itself to build the packaging plant of clean space with filtered air. Having fully created the necessary conditions the GMP production licence was obtained. After having established the background stipulated in the regulations and fully suitable to the strict OGYI (National Pharmaceutical Institute) stipulations the sorting and packaging of the raw materials for pharmaceuticals was started with.


The company made a market acquisition, and acquired Interkémia Finomvegyszergyártó és Fejlesztő Rt (Interkémia Fine Chemical Production and Development Co), so the production and trade capacities were expanded and additional market segments - disinfectants, pathology products, cosmetics - were opened.

Creating storing area with modern heavy scaffolding at the premises in Halásztelek - suitable also for storing flammable materials - the warehousing capacities were further increased.

Acquiring the production and distribution rights of the disinfecting products of the company Medstar the range of the disinfectant agents has significantly expanded.

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