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Our company attaches special importance to environment protection, as we have identified to be responsible for preserving the clean environment. The modern industrial society heavily pollutes its environment in numerous fields, but more and more people understand that the preservation of the environment is our common interest. We believe if everybody strives to do the most possible in his/her own field, then we are jointly able to achieve significant success. Our company tries to contribute to accomplish the targets of the environment protection with the following measures:

  • We deliberately strive to carry out our activity with the least burden to the environment upon accomplishing the targets of our enterprise.

  • We strive to continuously increase the use of the recycling materials both in the office and in the plant-warehouse and production.

  • Resulting from our activity it comes that hazardous waste is formed in certain cases. Their storing, transportation takes place in appropriate environment, while their destruction in the places designated for the destruction of hazardous waster upon strictly observing the legal rules.

  • Having joined ÖKO-PANNON environment protection organisation we have agreed with several other enterprises to gradually extend the use of the recycling packaging materials.

  • We register the extent of the use of the different packaging materials in quarterly reports and we examine the use of the chemicals through continuously drafting statistics and summaries.

  • We store the dangerous and harmless chemicals under appropriate conditions.

  • The waste is collected in separate containers and containers designated for this purpose, and in lay stalls and we provide for their ordinary transportation.

  • Our premises are further developed with different investments, in many cases these involve also environment protection aspects as well.

  • Besides observing the legal instructions even outside experts help that the environment protection aspects are incorporated into the company processes more completely.

  • In the course of formulating our production processes and production technologies we strive to minimize the waste development, and to use - as far as possible - materials, whereby the load to the environment less the least.

  • We are naturally aware that the improvement of the environment protection has to be continuously developed and there will be always challenges, which go along with difficulties, nevertheless we are also sure that environment protection is one of the most important tasks and together with our partners we have to strive for its complete protection.

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