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Molar Chemicals Ltd.. has been dealing with the trade and production of chemical agents. The company stores almost 2000 different kinds of chemicals in the warehouse on 3,000 square metres. The quality of the stock is checked in the own lab and outside audited lab. Our activity is performed in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and it also has the cGMP production licence in relation to the agents of pharmacopoeia.
The activities are carried out in the following fields:

  • Pharmaceutical raw materials: The company's offer on pharmaceutical raw material covers the entire spectrum of the Hungarian pharmacy, and hospital market. The packaging of the materials is carried out in the so-called clean space packaging rooms checked by the NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL INSTITUTE in conformity with the stipulation of cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice). It has business contacts to all significant market actors of this field, including also the field of fine cosmetics.

  • Laboratory chemicals, fine chemicals: Satisfying the market needs a great number of lab chemicals is distributed in different packaging, primarily to trading companies. The capacities for grinding, screening, sorting, drying prior to packaging are available and the possibility for packaging in inert environment is created. Within this product group the range of products in own production is gradually expanding, just as the company's exports.

  • Special industrial chemical: The company is dealing with the distribution of chemical materials necessary to the production of organic intermediers, pharmaceutical raw materials, and it supplies raw materials primarily of high purity.

  • Disinfectant: Molar Chemicals Ltd. has a wide range of disinfectants with special regard to medical, hospital use in the field of device-, surface- and skin disinfection/sterilization. Distribution of different packaging units can be fully satisfy the customers' needs.

  • Cosmetics: Further developing the product family of aerosol foam format developed and produced by Interkemia Co. for almost 15 years the company is gradually and continuously appearing with new products. Despite the strong competition the products introduced have earned great success - thanks to the unique format and new type appearance.

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