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Our firm works according to the national statutes and decrees, and the international rules. The safe treatment of the dangerous chemical materials requires cautious attention and complying of the rules. Our company does not have commercial activity with countries or national firms, that are regarded risky in certain ways, or if they are off-licence. If there is not enough information, and there is the suspicion of misuse, we contact the adequate offices (e.g. Chemical weapon interdictory office). Beside all of these, the safe treatment of the chemical materials according to their dangerousness is a very important and necessary task. Above the basic security actions, our company works according to the following factors:

  • We provide the proper protective clothes and other protective accessories for our employees.
  • The people in dangerous position have regular medical control.
  • For the safe material treatment, our employees are continuously educated and trained.
  • We provide safety-technical information sheet, or written rules for the chemical materials distributed by our company.
  • We keep the rules of the road transportation of the hazardous cargo, our vehicles fill the requirements of ADR rules, and our drivers have the necessary ADR licence.
  • Our nationally registered Safety Advisor takes charge of following the concerning statutes and keeping them with our colleagues.
  • We regularly collate with exterior expert organisations, offices.
  • We store the dangerous refuse separately; we keep the particularly dangerous, toxic materials in closed poison-box.
  • We own the compulsory, authoritatively required regulations, (e.g.: Risk-protection Plan, Catastrophe-protection Plan, Fire-protection Plan, etc.) and if it is necessary, we develop and form our new or already existing regulations with involving exterior experts.
  • Our expert colleagues are always available for our partners in safety-technical questions.

With our colleagues and partners we continuously improve the physical and administrative activities connected with dangerous chemical materials, considerating the safety-technological aspect, and we search for legal, and the most effective solution.

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