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1. Transportation
The ordered goods are transported by Molar Chemicals Ltd. free of charge above the net purchase price of 50,000 HUF to the door in the whole territory of the country. In case of orders below this value the ordered goods can be collected at the Molar Chemicals promises - Hungary 2314 Halásztelek, Árpád utca 1. - or after previous consultation the costs of transportation are covered by the buyer. Molar Chemicals is entitled to perform pre- and partial deliveries in conformity with previous notification.
2. Offer
The offers given by Molar Chemicals are without any commitments in relation to quantity, price, quality and term of delivery, unless the offer indicates a precise term of commitment. After the expiry of the term given in the offer Molar Chemicals is entitled to modify the offer terms and conditions. Any deviation from the General Terms of Delivery is only possible if Molar Chemicals has previously confirmed it in writing.
3. Price, terms of payment
The actual Molar Chemicals price list is valid upon collection at Molar premises - Hungary 2314 Halásztelek, Árpád utca 1. Molar Chemicals reserves the right of actually modifying the published price list. The customer will effect the payment agreed to in the terms of delivery by the deadline given. In case of overdue payment there is a commitment of interest payment in conformity with the Civil Code §232 Paragraph (1). The interest on overdue payment amounts to the actual basic rate of the National Bank, while the duration is the number of the calendar days passed between the due-date of the invoice and the date of crediting the due amount to the Molar Chemicals account. The invoice on the overdue interest is due within 8 calendar days from the due date of the invoice issued.
4. Complaint
The buyer make any complaint in relation to quantity (or similar type, e.g. damaged packaging, etc.) within 3 working days after receipt of the goods, while any complaint in relation to quality within 15 days. Should no complaint arrive within this time frame, Molar Chemicals considers the goods accepted. In relation to goods, whereby Molar Chemicals considers the complaint accepted, the settlement of the claim can be the exchange, re-purchase of the goods, or discount - in conformity with a special agreement. Molar Chemicals is not responsible for any consequent or special damage resulting from any use, except for the event, if the cause of such damage is the serious neglect of the supplier. Molar Chemicals does not take any responsibility for any delay due to reasons beyond his control (force majeure, e.g. strike, work stoppage, measures by the authorities, even if this happens with the suppliers or sub-contractors of the supplier), or for any other damage resulting due to this.
5. Guarantee
Molar Chemicals ensures its products from checked and guaranteed sources, and the materials ordered are always accompanied with a quality certificate. Molar Chemicals guarantees that its products conform to the parameters given in the quality certificate attached to the goods. Molar Chemicals undertakes the adequacy of the materials supplied by the company. Special request for any target beyond the general terms of use previous written agreement is needed with the buyer. Unique, special needs are to be indicated clearly. (e.g. It is automatically not sure that a pharmacopoeia material can be applied for direct pills, or for infusion).
6. Prevailing legislation
Questions not provided for in this present General Contract Terms are subject to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.

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