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Our company wishes to play a determining role in the distribution of pharmaceutical raw materials on the domestic market and in the supply of bulk chemicals to companies dealing with lab chemicals and of big users. We strive to achieve significant domestic role in the field of trading with synthesis raw materials, and taking advantage of the EU membership we wish to improve our export relations. Our partner-focused business policy is determined by the fact that we try to find the best solution to the needs of the customers in joint thinking considering them partners. We try to achieve that the quality of our products and service fully satisfy the needs of our partners. In order to ensure the quality of our activities we have formulated the following targets in the field of quality:
  • Reliable, precise and thorough procedures in signing the contract and during customer care
  • The most careful purchase procedure
  • Precise entry and filing of the documents
  • To ensure that our products can be identified and tracked
  • Reliable lab examinations
  • Complete screening of legal rules and standards
  • Upon selecting our colleagues we set the highest quality requirements possible, therefore they enjoy our complete confidence. Each colleague is responsible for the quality of the work carried out by them. To achieve this the company management ensures the human-centred working environment necessary to the work performance.
  • Taking the individual needs into consideration we plan the continuous professional and quality training of our colleagues, so ensuring the conditions necessary to the high-level work performance.
  • Our quality system is an integral part of our ordinary business processes. In order to achieve the above target we operate our quality insurance system DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 in conformity with the requirements of the international standards. All employees are responsible in their own field for the appropriate operation of this quality insurance system and it is expected from everybody that the operation and continuous further development of the system is promoted through offering the best of their knowledge.
Nagy Balázs Managing Director

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